The first days, in Norway

July 20th, 08.55, at the ferry "Lysingen".

Leaving Brønnøysund, at last. The weather is really good, and noone has stolen anything from me yet. I'm not even carsick. Funny feeling in my stomach, but I am very happy to be on my way.

July 20th, 22.45, at the night-train.

Leaving a Trondheim bathed in a mystical, white haze. I had a nice day, meeting Kjetil and Anita, friends from the Net. We went to Peppe's for Pizza. I shared a 4-chili pizza, consisting of tomato- sauce, cheese and jalapennos. I really should be a nice guy and go brush my teeth, so that the person sitting next to me can get some sleep tonight. I'm already slipping into the backpacker-role, as the pizza was so spicy that it kept jumping off the plate and onto my trousers. Yaaaaay dirty clothes!

In three days time I'll be in New York. Really funny thought. How do I get from one side of the street to the other one over there? I mean, I've seen the movies, and there they always run between the fast-moving cars, firing bullets at each other. Or do they actually have traffic-lights? I wonder. The travel-guides doesn't mention the topic in depth. Oh well. I'll see Oslo and Iceland first.

July 21st, 07.37, at the busterminal in Oslo.

Had a kinda good night's sleep, I only left sleep at Dombås, Lillehammer and Hamar. From Hamar it was really hard to stay asleep, as a man was escorted onto the train by uncle police, and told to sit there. And boy, did he sit there. He wasn't as mad as he could have been, as the police had let him keep his homebrew. I know it was brewed from honey, because he sure told all of us and none in particular that it was, in a very loud voice. And his wife was a nurse, and she would be very angry with him, because he wasn't supposed to be home until next week, but he had a problem convincing the police that they should let him stay. And so on. Kinda hard to sleep when someone is broadcasting the story of their life like that, just a few meters away. Anyways, I'll go to the airport now. 22 degrees Celcius here, but the weather isn't too good.

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