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Roadside America

"Welcome to, your online guide to offbeat attractions! Our website is chock-full of odd and hilarious travel destinations, ready for you to explore."

National Trust Historic Hotels of America

"Historic Hotels of America has identified 128 quality hotels that have faithfully maintained their historic architecture and ambience. This highly diverse collection ranges from 10-room properties to 960 and from small-town inns to downtown hotel"

Another site about non-traditional travel. If you are leaving our gravitational field, learn what awaits you - meteors, asteroids and astronauts.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

"SETI@home is a scientific experiment that will harness the power of hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data. There's a small but captivating possibility that your computer will detect the faint murmur of a civilization beyond Earth."

The Best Public Toilets in New York City

"New York City has gotten a bad reputation as being a cold and heartless city. That couldn't be further from the truth. Most New Yorkers will go out of their way to help a stranger in need. Be it giving directions to tourists, holding an elevator for the last person in, or reminding you to not forget your belongings when exiting a taxicab. But if you need to use a bathroom it is a totally different story."

Find A Grave

"I collect dirt from the graves of noteworthy people...
This is a source for where such people are buried...."

The Highpointers Club

"The Highpointers Club is comprised of people from all walks of life who share a common interest in attaining the highpoint of each of the 50 states."

Playbill On-Line

Look here for Broadway and U.S. theater information, including smaller regional theaters.

"This listing of off-leash dogparks is the most comprehensive directory of off-leash dog areas ever assembled."

Women Traveling Together

"Regardless of your age, single, divorced, widowed or married, you probably have travel destinations you want to visit but cannot find someone to go with you, for whatever the reason. Wouldn't it be great to meet other women with whom you could travel and even establish a friendship? That's what Women Traveling Together is all about. Women Traveling Together is not a travel agency. We are a sorority-like, membership organization open to women of all ages. We have trips for every activity level and interest."

"A dedicated site created for your viewing of marina facilities throughout the United States. As fellow mariners, we have spent many hours searching out information for planned cruises and destinations; with this in mind, we hope we have made a pleasant and informative stop on the Internet."

American Hiking Society

"American Hiking Society is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting hiking and to establishing, protecting and maintaining foot trails in America. With more than 130 member trail clubs and organizations and nearly 10,000 individual members, American Hiking represents half-a-million outdoors people and serves as the voice of the American hiker."


"This website is the complete source for safe, efficient and healthy travel information-- your guide through air travel mazes and pitfalls including insensitive airline policies, lost luggage, recycled air, and fear of flying."

Travel Health Online

"The home of travel health and safety on the World Wide Web. Travel Health Online draws its content from the following sources: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. Department of State (USDOS) and News, Medical and Travel Media."

Museums in the USA

"These pages include an eclectic collection of World Wide Web sites connected with museums, galleries and archives in the United States."

The Nasa Shuttle Web

Join John Glenn and the rest of the crew in outer space.

Interactive World Clock

"This Interactive World Clock calculates the local time and date for more than a hundred locations around the world."

American Association for Nude Recreation

"As nude recreation becomes more openly accepted in our society, more and more people are discovering what the experience is really like. We encourage you to do the same." You'll only need a carry-on bag.

CORAL Divers Report on Reef Conditions

"The CORAL Diver Network: CORAL Divers Report on Reef Conditions On-line Reports from divers like you are a valuable source that can be used to track coral reef conditions instantly. CORAL uses the information to mobilize concerned divers and scientists quickly to address threats to particular reefs." Check out the 'Summaries of Reports' to read about reef conditions around the world.

National Scenic Byways Online

"National Scenic Byways Online provides travelers with current, detailed information about scenic byways throughout the United States."

Gestures around the World

" Body gestures have different meanings according to the country in which they are expressed. We shall seek to examine the proper body etiquette in the nations of the world on a per continent basis."

Tread Lightly!

"Tread Lightly! is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting the great outdoors. In an age where outdoor recreation is the sport of choice, it is our responsibility to exercise responsible outdoor practices."

Civilian Astronauts Corps

"Today, thirty seven years after Alan Shepard's historic flight into space, and tens of billions of dollars worth of research, virtually everything necessary for safe, low cost space travel is known. The Civilian Astronauts Corps was organized to put this knowledge to use and get on with the future and start flying real people into space." It's pretty hard to believe but it seems to be legit.


"Infiltration offers a mix of the practice and theory of urban exploration in areas not designed for public usage including Abandoned Buildings, College Steam Tunnels, Hotels and Hospitals, Institutions and Offices, Drains and Catacombs and Transit Tunnels."

Grown Up Camps

A directory of camps for adults including Academics, Arts, Family Camps, Fitness/Wellness, Special Interests, Special Needs, Sports, Traditional and Wilderness/Adventure. There is also a link to Kids Camps.

The Mountain Bike Trails Source

"The Mountain Bike Trails Source vision is to provide a single source for travel and exploration of wild areas by mountain bike around the globe."


"DesertUSA contains images, stories, movie and audio clips, virtual reality tours and hard data about, virtually any desert-related topic: plants, animals, geology, cultural and natural history, recreation, parks, cities, travel and people."

Dirty Linen Festivals & Events List

If you want to know about local folk music happenings when you travel, try this site for schedules of folk music festivals, events and performances in North America.

The Compleat Carry-On Traveler

"This World Wide Web site offers exhaustive (exhausting?) detail on the art of traveling light, living for an indefinite period of time out of a single (carry-on-sized) bag."

Guide to On-Water Sports

"Welcome to this guide to kayaking and other on-water sports, co-sponsored by The Trade Association of Paddlesports (TAPS)." Check out the links to the TAPS members around the country for local on-water sports resources.

The Wine Web

"We maintain a huge database of wineries (presently over 3,000), and allow you to find wineries and wines using numerous search criteria or through maps. Links are provided to all known winery sites on the Internet." If you like to go wine tasting, search this database before you travel.

Travel Mate

If you are looking for someone who might interested in traveling with you, check out this site.

Award Traveler

"Award Traveler (AT) buys and sells frequent flyer miles. Award Traveler has been brokering frequent flyer miles and air awards for the past 8 years. Please note that airline frequent flyer program rules prohibit the sale, purchase or trade of frequent flyer miles and air award tickets. However, airline employees very rarely confiscate award tickets or penalize members."

Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory

"The TOWD is your guide to official tourism information, an index listing only official government tourism offices, convention and visitors bureaus, and similar agencies. No travel agents, no tour operators, no hotels."

Rules of the Air

"Ever been bumped from a flight? Ever wondered what your options were when your flight is delayed? Ever wanted to know just how much luggage you really could check? You need the Rules of the Air."

History Channel Traveler

"History Channel Traveler was designed to help people make the most of their next travel experience. Our Traveler website is developed in partnership with organizations that work day in and day out to preserve our historic places across the country."

Art and Craft Shows

"There are thousands of arts and crafts shows in North America every year. Whether you're a dedicated festival-goer, a savvy buyer, a budding artist, or a professional exhibitor, keeping up with when and where to go isn't easy. ....... 2,000 art and craft shows, festivals, fairs, and events available for searching on the Internet. You can plan your schedule or check out the possibilities for a weekend outing."

Wild and Scenic Rivers

"Whether the Wild and Scenic Rivers System grows or not, there are many rivers already protected for you to enjoy. Grab a flyrod, load the kayak on the car, slip on your most comfortable walking shoes. Get out there and savor your natural heritage. But go slow, and enjoy every minute of your trip to the river. Because of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System, you've got the time."

International Student Travel Confederation

"The ISTC is a non-profit confederation of student travel organizations around the world whose focus is to develop, promote and facilitate travel among young people and students internationally. The ISTC has five Member Associations devoted to making international travel, study and work opportunities accessible to students, youth and the academic community."

National Scenic Byways Online

"National Scenic Byways Online provides travelers with current, detailed information about scenic byways throughout the United States. NSBO also gives byway organizations easy access to government and private resources related to scenic byways."

Horse and Mule Trails by State

"This site is for people who have their own horses and mules. There are also links to other pages that have camping and trail information listed. This web site is a collection of trails and places to camp and ride submitted by trail riders, so send E-mail with State, closest town, directions, miles of trails, phone number of camp, water available. The purpose of this page is to list horse campgrounds, trail head's, trails, If you are interested in hosting fellow horsemen/horsewomen who are on the road for an overnight stay please submit your name, address, phone."

National Park Service Trails

"Americans are seeking trail opportunities as never before to participate in a wide range of activities. From walking to bicycling, horseback riding to snowmobiling, mountain biking to backpacking, cross country skiing to jogging, canoeing to retracing historical travel routes, trails are used by all types of people in settings ranging from urban, suburban, and rural to wilderness. This web page was created to serve as a starting point to assist you in identifying trail opportunities across jurisdictional boundaries and across the nation."


"Name your own price for leisure airline tickets. It's an exciting new way to buy airline tickets. You name the price you want to pay and priceline finds a major airline willing to release seats where they have unsold space. Tickets can be requested up to six months in advance of departure. For leisure travelers who don't need to fly at a specific time of day or on a specific airline, priceline is a great new alternative."

The Warm Showers List

"The Warm Showers List is a list of Internet cyclists who have offered their hospitality towards touring cyclists. The extent of the hospitality depends on the host and may range from simply a spot to pitch a tent to meals, a warm (hot!) shower, and a bed."

The World Heritage List

This is a comprehensive and growing list of over 500 cultural and natural properties around the world, as designated by The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).


"You can search our databases of hundreds of career and recreational cooking schools, wine courses, golf, tennis, and water sports schools & camps, writers conferences, photography workshops & schools, art & craft workshops, language vacations, educational travel programs, and artists' & writers' residencies & retreats."

Cruise Opinion

"Don't just take it from your agent (or the brochure). Get unbiased opinions, ratings, and comments from fellow cruisers that have sailed on the ship you're thinking about. You can help fellow travelers by submitting your ship review to our database." Here's another cruise review resource - the last one we picked has sunk.

The Singles Travel Network

"Welcome to The Singles Travel Network. We are the only online travel club for singles worldwide. Our goal is to provide the best trips and tours available for singles."

Outward Bound

"Outward Bound is a nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to conduct safe adventure-based programs structured to inspire respect for self, care for others, responsibility to the community and sensitivity to the environment.."

Cool Works

"Linking to more than 45,000 Jobs in Great Places .... There is a lot of life experience you can soak up by working seasonal jobs, or finding a career, in some of these incredible places. You may also find that special people do these things and that you'll make some pretty good friends."


"Servas is an international network of hosts and travelers building peace and understanding by providing opportunities for personal contact between people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. By participating in visits, hosts and travelers share their lives, interests, and concerns about social and international issues."

" Welcome to ...the on-line study abroad information resource. Here you will find listings for thousands of study abroad programs in more than 100 countries throughout the world. You will also find hundreds of links to study abroad program home pages."


"Welcome to Travelgrrl. Whether you are traveling for business, looking for adventure, wanting an escape or taking a more cultural trip, here you can search a growing databases of travel stories by women. We believe that women can teach one another about traveling from their personal experiences." Sorry, nothing for you Travelguys this week; check it out, maybe you'll learn something.

Abundance Across America

"My aim is to let everyone know about your local food festivals or food-related events. Many of the events are promoting local foods, celebrating harvests, sharing cuisine of other cultures, raising money for worthwhile projects or charities - or are just having a good ol' American family get-together."

Archeology and Ethnography Program

"National Park Service Archeology and Ethnography program provides national coordination for the protection, preservation, and interpretation of America's archeological and ethnographic resources inside the National Park system and beyond. Explore the thousands of archeological sites and museums throughout the country, and learn about the diverse people and cultures that created our national legacy."

The Bungee Jumping Resource

"Whether you call it Bungee, Bungy, Le Benji or Suicide Practice, Bungee Jumping is a growing sport. These pages started off a club listing to list all the clubs in the UK because I found it so difficult to find out about clubs. It has grown a little since then and it is my goal to provide the most comprehensive guide to Bungee Jumping on the net."


Search this database for a calendar of events for cities all over the world.

"Today it doesn't make a great deal of difference where in the world we are located, we can carry on some types of commerce from anywhere; from an island in the middle of the Caribbean to a sheep ranch in the the Australian outback - Over 2,500 Pages Of Resources For Expatriates & Freedom Seekers."

AJR NewsLink

Go to this site for news from around the world - links to thousands of international newspapers and magazines.

"Welcome to - your resource for international adoption travel planning." Information is included under the following headings: "Destinations, Travel Articles, Travel Tips, Travel Resources, Adoption Links and a Bookstore."

The Bureau of Atomic Tourism

"The Bureau of Atomic Tourism is dedicated to the promotion of tourist locations around the world that have either been the site of atomic explosions, display exhibits on the development of atomic devices, or contain vehicles that were designed to deliver atomic weapons."

We took a week off for the holidays


"DesertUSA contains images, stories, movie and audio clips, virtual reality tours and hard data about, virtually any desert-related topic: plants, animals, geology, cultural and natural history, recreation, parks, cities, travel and people."

Sporting Adventures

"Sporting Adventures is designed for the fishing, hunting, and outdoors enthusiast. The site was launched in October, 1995 and is dedicated to raising funds for conservation groups worldwide."


If you want to do some birding on your next trip, this site contains links to information about birding around the world.

International Student Travel Confederation

"The International Student Travel Confederation is a nonprofit confederation of student travel organisations around the world whose focus is to develop, promote and facilitate travel among young people and students. ISTC Members provide student flights, other forms of transportation, student and youth cards, travel insurance, work exchange programs and lots more."

NASA Homepage

"NASA is deeply committed to spreading the unique knowledge that flows from its aeronautics and space research....". If you haven't been here you, you've got to check it out with live updates from Mars.

The Air Safety Home Page

"Airline safety information for the airline passenger" including Fatal Airline Event and Safety Advice.

Cybercafe Search Engine

"This site is dedicated to the Patrons of Cybercafes looking for places to check their email while on the road or vacation or for local visitors looking to scan some photos or play Doom on a T1 network or simply to associate with other net people."


If you want to know more about volcanos, or want to find out if one getting ready to erupt in your favorite vacation spot, visit VolcanoWorld.


" By watching the whales you can prolong the life of cetaceans as a species. This may be the last chance before they say goodbye for this Planet." Everything you wanted to know about whales but were afraid to ask. Look here for a comprehensive list of whale watching locations around the world.

Guide to Sleeping in Airports

"For travellers who are REALLY on a budget and are looking for a way to skim a few bucks off their travelling expenses, why not consider sleeping in an airport? Many airports are actually better than local lodging. And to top it off -- IT'S FREE!"

Publicly Accessible Lighthouses

Check out this resource, paid for with your tax dollars, for information by region about US lighthouses, derived from the National Maritime Initiative's computerized inventory of historic light stations.

Skydive WWW

"Skydive WWW includes many aspects important to skydivers. It has links to skydiving news, stories, incidents, boogies, accurate and updated weather, Internet News Groups, shops, stolen gear and much more. But most important, it has links to most drop zones in the country and many throughout the world!"

Greyhound Lines

" Dallas-based Greyhound Lines, Inc. is the nation's largest intercity bus company and the only nationwide provider of intercity bus transportation." When my friend told me that she took the bus from Boston to NYC for only $29, I had to check it out. The only cheaper way to travel is to stick out your thumb.

Drive-In Theater

"This web site is dedicated to all the people who enjoy attending Drive-In Theaters across America. Also to the Drive-In owners who still operate every year, bringing enjoyment to thousands. So let down the top on the old Chevy and take a cyber trip to the drive-in."

Jazz Clubs around the World

" The following list of jazz clubs was compiled by Bill Hery [] with input from numerous [on the USENET bulletin board] correspondents."

The International Association of Air Travel Couriers

"The International Association of Air Travel Couriers, headquartered in Lake Worth, Florida, was founded in 1989 as a clearinghouse for consumers who want to travel as couriers to foreign destinations."

Global Citizens Network

"Global Citizens Network sends small teams of cross-cultural volunteers on expeditions to rural communities around the world to immerse themselves in the daily life of the local culture for several weeks. These alternative vacations let you work on community projects initiated by the local people, such as planting trees, building a health clinic, teaching in a preschool, renovating a youth center or providing marketing expertise to a small business."

Dangerous Places

"Fielding's DangerFinder(r) is a complete on-line edition of the acclaimed guide book Fielding's The World's Most Dangerous Places." Pretty interesting and weird stuff.

Amusement Link One Source

"Over 400 links to the world wide web of amusements including amusement/theme parks and resorts, amusement rides, carnivals and fairs, and accident reports."

The Frequent Flyer Program Site

"The FFP Site provides frequent flyers with advice and information to help them maximize the benefits of Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) participation."

Cruise Review Library

"The most important decision related to taking a cruise is the selection of a cruise line and ship. Cruise reviews can assist in this process by allowing the prospective cruiser to benefit from the experiences of those that have been on the same line and ship in question. You will find at this website a number of different resources that will help you plan your cruise." This resource helps avoid sea sickness.

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Online

If you are a cowboy at heart, look to this resource to find a schedule of rodeos listed by month for the USA.


"Welcome to TravelDog. We provide the most up-to-date information on traveling with your dog." This is the Ruff Guide for dog owners who can't stand leaving their pooches behind.


"Where not to go, and what to do when you get there." Off the beaten path travel ideas for San Francisco, New York, Galveston and Paris.

Smokey Bear's Official Home Page

"Remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires." Check out Smokey The Bear's pages for some fire prevention tips - the site is especially cool for kids.

Golf Web

If you like to golf when you travel, use this site to find any of the more than 21,000 golf courses listed from around the world.

World Surfari

"World Surfari - - was created by and is developed under the guidance of 11 year old cybernaut Brian Giacoppo. With World Surfari, Brian, takes cyberkids to a new country and on a different virtual adventure every month - providing cool information just for kids." Cool site Brian. Keep up the good work.


"Welcome to FestivalFinder, where you'll discover the latest details on more than 1,300 music festivals in North America. Click to your favorite genre, or use the search feature to locate festivals by date, location, performers or festival name."

Journeywoman Online

"Winner of an Apex 95 & 96 Award of Excellence, this quarterly is jam-packed with exciting gal-friendly city sites, an international travel tip bazaar, lots of women's travel tales from women around the world, love stories, and shop 'till you drop, JourneyWoman's online travel classifieds." Cool stuff for women travelers.

Make-A-Wish Foundation of America

The mission of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America is "To ensure that wishes are granted to children in the United States with life-threatening medical conditions creating the probability the children will not survive beyond their 18th year." According to a spokesperson, 50% of wishes are travel related.

Dirty Sole Society

"We are a group of people who love going barefoot pretty much everywhere, all the time (not just around the house or at the beach), as a lifestyle choice, including out and about on streets, stores, in the, and hiking."

Is this for real? Well, if it isn't a joke, this site will give you that cool squish the grass between your toes feeling.

The Air Bank

" Air Bank is in the Business of Buying and Selling Frequent Flyer Miles and other Air Awards from the various Frequent Flyer Programs. We offer a CASH outlet for those who have earned an excess amount of Frequent Flyer Miles or other Air Awards and do not plan to use them. Allowing us to offer to those Individuals or Businesses who wish to fly, an opportunity to purchase an Award Airline Ticket at a Substantial Savings." Money for miles. We'll take it.

The Recreational Gold Prospecting and Mining Page

"Gold is a very heavy yellow metal. It has a specific gravity of 19.3 which means a quart of gold would weigh 19.3 times as much as a quart of water. As a comparison, lead has a specific gravity of about 11 so gold is almost twice as heavy as lead." Do you want to learn how and where to find it? Check out this site. .

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Catching Dengue Fever while you are traveling is not cool. Check-in here before you travel to exotic destinations to learn about the latest breaking diseases. Look in the 'Travelers' Health' section.

Passport Services

The US Government has some helpful resources floating around that most people don't know about and this is one of them. This site is a starting point for anyone without a passport, birth certificate or for those US citizens who were born abroad and need documentation.

Guide to Museums and Cultural Resources

"The Guide to Museums and Cultural Resources provides a comprehensive index for information about museums, aquaria, historical parks and other cultural institutions. It is also designed to accommodate information about a variety of resources of interest to the arts/cultural/scientific/educational community." Culture is cool.

World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference

"The ``main attraction'' here is the pages of listings of sushi restaurants, grouped by country, state and city, with commentary from various net citizens. Summaries of these lists without the comments are also available. There's a fairly large glossary of Japanese sushi terms, and most Japanese words in the site are linked to their definitions in the glossary. The comments are linked to a contributors page. There's also a number of recepies, a page of sushi bar etiquette and beginners' tips, a list of sushi societies and some other miscellaneous information." If you need to satisfy a yearning for raw fish wherever you travel, bookmark this page.

FAA Office of System Safety - Safety Data Page

This is a great way for all of you accident trivia buffs to hone up on your knowledge of aviation accidents and incidents. The highlights of this page, care of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration are:

1) NTSB Aviation Accident/Incident Data System: Contains information collected during investigations of accidents or incidents involving civil aircraft within the U.S., its territories and possessions, and international waters.

2) NTSB Safety Recommendations: Contains NTSB's recommendations for remedial action to the FAA from its analysis of aviation accidents. Also contains related correspondence between FAA and NTSB regarding the recommendations.

Travel Health Online

With this resource you can review a country profile, locate a travel medicine provider, review general travel health concerns, learn about preventive medications and vaccines, read summaries of travel illnesses and browse U.S. Department of State Publications.


If you don't know what to do at night once you get there, check out ENN NIGHTLIFE A-Z for a directory by city of web sites with listings of clubs, nightlife, concerts and events.

Global Access

"Travel is for everyone, but since most guidebooks and web sites aren't designed for disabled adventurers Global Access wants to help fill that information gap. Lacking reliable access information, a disabled person must ask more, plan more and do more than your average traveler before hitting the road. Global Access hopes to minimize that travel planning trauma by providing a web site for disabled travelers to share their experiences."

The Comedy Page

Everyone can use a good laugh now and then, especially when traveling for business or pleasure. Look to this site for a guide to comedy clubs throughout North America.

International Gay Travel Association

"IGTA is an international network of travel industry businesses and professionals dedicated to the mission of promoting and enhancing Gay and Lesbian travel throughout the world."

The Naturist Society

"If you've ever been curious about social nudity or the freedom it can bring to your life, you've found the right address, that of The Naturist Society. The Naturist Society has been a leader in promoting body acceptance through nude recreation for more than 15 years. During that time, the 20,000-member organization has also been a staunch supporter of our right to use appropriate public lands clothing-optional activities." Try this site for a vacation like you've never had before.


"If classical music, opera, dance or theater are part of your life, or if you always wanted them to be, we've designed CultureFinder for you." Cool information if you like to know about performing arts events when you travel.

Camp Counselors USA

"Camp Counselors USA is an organization that seeks to promote cultural exchange. Since 1986, CCUSA has placed thousands of international workers from 28 countries in over 700 summer camps across America. CCUSA is designated by the U.S. Information Agency as an official exchange visitor program sponsor. As such, CCUSA is authorized to issue the official forms necessary for educational work/travel visas.!." Sounds like a winner.


"TravelBids is a travel discount auction composed of the Airfare Auction, Resort Auction, and the Cruise Auction. It provides a legal and ethical way to save 6% to 12% (and sometimes more) on your next trip. Simply make a reservation yourself directly with any airline, resort or cruise company -- but don't pay or give them your credit card. Then list your trip here. Many travel agents from around the United States will then bid on your business, and the winning agent will take over your existing reservation and issue the ticket to you. You'll receive the largest possible discount as a result!." Sounds like a winner.

National Parks and Conservation Association

"The National Parks and Conservation Association (NPCA) is America's only private nonprofit citizen organization dedicated solely to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the U.S. National Park System. An association of "Citizens Protecting America's Parks," NPCA was founded in 1919 and today has more than 500,000 members." Check out this site to search by state for national parks and find out all you need to know before you visit and a whole lot more.

Orienteering and Rogaining Home Page

"Orienteering is a sport in which orienteers use an accurate, detailed map and a compass to find points in the landscape. It can be enjoyed as a walk in the woods or as a competitive sport."

"Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation in which teams of two to five members visit as many checkpoints as possible in twenty-four hours. Teams travel entirely on foot, navigating by map and compass between checkpoints in terrain that varies from open farmland to hilly forest."

Ferry Travel Guide

"Public Ferry sites in the United States (Alaska, California, New York, North Carolina & Washington), Canada (British Columbia), Europe and Private Ferry sites." Ferry cool idea.

United States Show Caves Directory

"The United States Show Caves Directory will help you explore the weird and wonderful world of caves. We offer locations, operating hours and telephone numbers for all caves in the continental U.S. that are developed for public access. These include caves on federal and state lands as well as privately owned commercial caves (many of which have been recognized as Registered Natural Landmarks or Historical Sites)."

Flyte Trax

" Flyte Trax uses cutting-edge technology to get visual access to real-time aircraft information. The exact location of commercial aircraft can be displayed and their ETAs calculated based on the position and speed of the aircraft."

Ski Conditions by TravelFile

"You're driving along Hwy 70 in the Colorado Rockies... Should you continue on to Vail or stop at Breckenridge? How much snow do they have? How many chairs are open?" For these answers and more about skiiing conditions around the world, check out this cool site (no pun intended).

American Zoo and Aquarium Association

"This service has been designed to provide information about the many zoos and aquariums of the AZA throughout North America, and their many conservation programs." If you love animals, this is the place for you.

Date and Time Gateway

Before you pick up the phone to say hello to your buddy in Tbilisi, check out this page to find out the time difference and to see what day it is.

Guidebooks / The World of Climbing

If you want to find the best places around the world for climbing, start searching here.

Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory

"This directory contains contact information for official government tourism offices and similar agencies." If you want to get in contact with a local tourist office, just type in the name of the country. You only need to enter the first few letters of a country name to do a search if you don't know how to spell it (Zimbabway? Zimbobwhey? -- just type Zim and Zimbabwe information magically appears).

Sierra Club

"The Sierra Club is a non-profit member-supported, public interest organization that promotes conservation of the natural environment by influencing public policy decisions--legislative, administrative, legal, and electoral. Travel to the far corners of the earth--paddling or pedaling, ski touring or trekking. We offer hundreds of exciting outings, from the tundra to the tropics. Members can even build trails, preserve archeological sites and help clean up the environment on our exhilarating Service Trips!" There's nothing uncool about hiking and helping the world.

Trip Doctor

"Airline devoured your luggage? Plumbing's backed up in your cruise ship cabin? Not a drop of blue visible from that "ocean-view" room you booked? GNN's Trip Doctor is here to help. The Trip Doctor is a free consumer advice and mediation service that investigates complaints against travel service providers and, when appropriate, seeks just compensation for journeys gone awry". Ask the Doc' to help make everything better.


"Search for Microbreweries, Brewpubs and Bars in your area by area code, city, state or ZIP Code or, search for your favorite Microbrewery, Brewpub or Beer Bar by name". If you're thirstin' for a cold one when you're on the road, you've found the right place.

Fairs Net

"The Fair Date List: The world's most complete "where and when" info on your favorite fairs with links to fair Home Pages. The list currently includes 1,489 fairs, representing 58 North American states and provinces!". Check out this comprehensive list on the Western Fairs Association Web Page to find out about local fairs when you travel.

Learning Vacations

" is a new travel site with information on all types of learning vacations, including golf schools, sailing schools, safaris, eco-travel, cultural tours, and more. There are also monthly features and a weekly travel quiz". Check out the "Travel Specials" section which has included on-line auctions - pretty cool stuff.

The Travelers Guide

This site is for you folks out there who are looking for adult entertainment on the road. Just in case you were wondering, the homepage contains the following disclaimer: "NOTE: The publishers of The Travelers Guide do not promote or condone prostitution or other illegal acts and no inferences should be made to the contrary. "


"This site is the jumping off spot to some of the finest gardening in the Northern Hemisphere." The site includes "Tour Gardens and Arboreta of the US and Canada - lists more than 1600 botanical and display gardens and arboreta, Calender of Garden Events - assists you in keeping up with gardening events all over the United States and Canada and Hotlinks to Sites of Botanical Interest."
When you are traveling, look here to take some time to stop and smell the flowers.

Vince Cate's Perpetual Traveler Page

'The "Perpetual Traveler" can be a "Previous Taxpayer". People traveling through a country do not have to pay income taxes etc. while they are in that country, even if they are there for 3 to 9 months (depends on country). If you can work over the net, it is possible to work from anyplace. The IRS says that a US citizen who is out of the country for 330 days or more of the year does not owe any taxes on his first $70,000 earned outside the country. Clearly, you want to incorporate your business in some tax haven country and pay yourself less than $70,000 per year. By doing this, you can then travel around as a "PT" and legally avoid taxes.' While this sounds pretty cool, you may want to check with an accountant.

World Guide to Vegetarianism

"The World Guide to Vegetarianism is a listing of vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants, stores, organizations, services, etc." If you are vegetarian or you just don't want to sample the local exotic meats, this resource will help satisfy your cravings.


"This is the World Wide Guide to Farmers' Markets, Flea Markets, Street Markets, and Street Vendors. It is an all-volunteer nonprofit educational project that aims to provide information about open air marketplaces around the world, both formal and informal. This will aid (1) shoppers and tourists wanting to find out where inexpensive fun, good food, and bargains are all over the globe; (2) scholars, professionals, and planners who are interested in studying marketplace phenomena; and (3) vendors and farmers looking for places to sell or needing assistance. Every open air market related resource on the internet should be accessible from here." Good food, good prices and a good cause; what else could you want when you are traveling?

Hitchers' Home

"This is not a page that relates in any way to the book "Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" or any other subject-heading that is a take-off on that title. This page is about hitch-hiking as a means of travel and adventure on earth with humans in cars that use gasoline (or maybe electricity or natural gas)." If you don't have bus fare, or if you just feel like taking an adventure, these pages can help you figure out how to get where you want to go.

Maiden Voyages

"Maiden Voyages is a literary consumer magazine for women who travel or dream about travel. The magazine is published both on-line and in hard copy on a quarterly basis. Maiden Voyages celebrates the voice and the perspective of the female traveler and the diversity that encompasses." Check it out - we hope that it inspires more of our female viewers to submit travel stories to Cyber Adventures.


"Elderhostel is an educational adventure for older adults looking for something different. Elderhostel, a non-profit educational organization, offers inexpensive, short term academic programs hosted by educational institutions around the world. You'll live on college and university campuses, in marine biology field stations and environmental study centers and enjoy the cultural and recreational resources that go with them. Some of our educational institutions that do not have residential facilities or whose residence halls are not available will use modest commercial sites for their programs." We've got a large number of viewers among us from the more experienced crowd - isn't it refreshing to hear that there is an alternative to a future of early bird specials and discounted movies?

The Himalayan Explorers Club

"Providing Reliable, Up-to-date Information on the Himalayan Region of Nepal, India, Pakistan, Tibet, and Bhutan, The Himalayan Explorers Club (HEC) is a nonprofit club with three goals: To support education and research of the Himalayan Region; To assist native people of the Himalayan region; and To assist visitors to the Himalayan region. The Club offers a range of services, including: databases for trip reports, travel agents, guide services, permit advice, lodging, and more, the quarterly newsletter Himalayan News, travel assistance in the Kathmandu Clubhouse, assistance for local people of the region, a Home-stay program where visitors can stay with Nepali families and a book and map catalogue with the best titles on the region." Don't miss this site if you are planning a trip.

The "unofficial" GRAND CANYON National Park Home Page

You will find articles about the Canyon and information on what to see and do, guided tours, history, weather, special alerts, lodging and other services, backcountry trails, river running, how to get there, maps, photos, other things to see and do in the area and more.


"150 scientists and scholars worldwide need you this year. You can help them by joining a one- to three-week research team. Trained in the field, you'll be working with a small team of EarthCorps members of all ages and from a wide range of occupations and nationalities. The participation and contributions of the EarthCorps make these important scientific investigations possible." If you are looking for a learning adventure, this is a good place to start.

Treasures Along the Trail

"Dedicated to the use, development and support of hike-n-bike trails across the Eastern USA.... to promote the economic benefits of the local areas that host the Rails-to-Trails access points. The Rails-to-Trails project has both federal and private sponsorships. The joint effort of these organizations allows for both a useful conversion and the conservation of old unused railways, by converting them to scenic public recreational areas." Check out some cool trails.

Travel Safely

"Traveling Safely Tips for insight into some common travel experiences. Also, be sure to look at Travel Scams, reports by travelers of Travel Scams that are out there and are being used today!" It isn't uncool to be cautious. This site also includes links to other travel safety sites.


"Internet Access while Travelling - As the world gets smaller, the Internet gets bigger, there are now very few countries on this planet without Internet access, And as the Internet gets more and more integrated in our lives, more and more want to use it when they are travelling." This site has been featured on our home page since we started - clearly, it is very cool.

Out of Body Experiences (OBE)

"Out-of-body-experiences (OBEs) are those curious, and usually brief body, enabling observation of the world from a point of view other than that of the physical body and by means other than those of the physical senses." While it's it's not your traditional travel web site, it is a unique and interesting mode of transportation.


Our favorite feature is TripQuest - "For all your driving travel plans, this feature provides city to city driving directions for cities in the continental United States, Canada and Mexico!"

The Internet Guide to Hostelling

" ... Internet guide to hostels and budget travel featuring the Worldwide Hostel Guide. It's a database of over 3,000 hostels around the globe.." If you need to find a hostel, look no further.

THE WWW Speedtrap Registry

For those of you who like to travel in the fast lane, this site is for you - a directory of speed traps in the USA, listed by State.

Volksmarch and Walking Index

"The American Volkssport Association promotes health, fun, and fellowship through non-competitive walking and other sporting events for everyone. A volksmarch is a non-competitive 6 mile (10 kilometer) walk. It's not a pledge walk, it's not a race, it is a fun activity you do with a club, with your family, with your pet, or all by yourself." Walking is cool - especially for those of us with bum knees.

GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages

"... contains a wealth of information on what to do and where to go in the great outdoors! Whether you are planning a trip or just gathering information on you favorite recreational activity, GORP has something for you!" Be adventurous and enjoy the fresh air. You can still take a laptop with you.

TravelScope Radius Locator

If you are planning a US trip, and want to find out the names of some hotels in the area, this is the place to look. "Name the city and state and you can ask for every hotel within a given mileage radius and direction (e.g. 25 miles in all directions). Your results will include all the hotels within the radius, regardless of city or state". You can also search by hotel chain or by using maps to choose locations. Watch for future updates listing "airports, railroad stations, attractions, restaurants, car rentals, and more".

The American Institute For Foreign Study

"The American Institute For Foreign Study (AIFS, Inc.) and its family of companies organizes cultural exchange programs throughout the world for more than 40,000 students each year. Since our founding in 1964, more than 750,000 students and teachers have participated in our worldwide programs." This is a wonderful organization with a cool site. Personally, I'm interested in their "Au Pair" program to help take care of the little one that's on the way.

TII International Railway Service

If you want to find out about touring the world by rail, this is the place for you. This vast collection of links will help you find out how to catch the right train.

CampNet America

"CampNet America is a library of campgrounds, associations, RV and outdoor suppliers, camping log cabins, and camping and travel information. An on-line resource where camping enthusiasts can retrieve RV and camping information free-of-charge, anytime, anywhere." If you want to go camping in America, this is the place to look. Now, how about the rest of the world ......

Partners for travelling around the world

Are you planning a trip but have no one to join you? This site is the place to look for a travel companion. Post an ad describing your plans, and the type of person that you are looking for, and wait for responses. This site has a lot of potential.

MayaQuest '96

"Last year the MayaQuest Team explored 30 archaeological sites, biked 1,100 miles, suffered 122 flat tires, took 22,332 pictures, and were joined by over 1 million people. It's happening again ... Armed with hi-tech team equipment, the explorers will link to classrooms and computers around the world. Aimed particularly at grades 4-8 (with high school and family applications), this online interactive experience will, among other things, let followers lead the team, chat with other kids and educators, view images from the journey, and learn about the ancient Maya and contemporary Central America." Sounds like a cool trip to me.

Train Hoppers Space

Have you ever considered seeing the country through the doors of a freight train? When you are ready for a serious adventure, check here first to learn how to do it and to hear from people who have tried it.

We took off for a week

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection holds more than 230,000 maps covering every area of the world. If you need a map, this is the place to go. Make sure that you have a lot of computing power or a whole lot of patience (the map files are pretty big).


Money is cool - especially when you have the right currency for the country that you are visiting. Use this site to make sure that you receive a fair rate of exchange. The conversion rates are currently those that The Bank of Montreal's Treasury Group prepares for Canada's National Newspaper, The Globe and Mail.

Round-The-World Travel Guide

If you ever thought of traveling around the world, this is the place to start. Just about everything that you could think of is included in this comprehensive and ever evolving guide. Even if you don't circle the globe, this is a great source of travel information.


"Eric skipped the welcome to Alcatraz speech and went exploring. He missed the part about not straying beyond the yellow ropes, 'because if the rangers don't see you, the birds will'. Some of us left the island early, and spied Eric on our ferry. He said that after crossing the yellow ropes, he was surrounded by seagulls. A ranger asked if he spoke English. When he replied yes, the ranger said come with me, you are leaving the island. As Eric turned to walk away, we had one final laugh - a large white patch of bird poop covered his knapsack." The web site contains far more intriguing historical anecdotes and information. Alcatraz is a cool place to visit either on-line or in person.


"The Peace Corps is looking for qualified candidates for some of the most exciting Volunteer assignments in the world today. The Peace Corps is a U.S. government agency that sends over 4,000 U.S. citizens abroad every year to assist countries that have requested our help. This unforgettable international experience will expand your personal and professional growth. You'll learn to see the world from a different perspective while you sharpen valuable skills such as leadership, communicati ons, resourcefulness, and creativity." This is a great site and it's unique. Now if I only can convince my wife who is five months pregnant, hmm........


"Beaches.... Soft pink sand beaches, barking sand beaches, black sand beaches, green sand beaches, cobble beaches, rocky shores... you love them. I love them. We'd all rather be there than here. But since we aren't, you can tour and dream.." This cool site is pretty hot with lots of beautiful beaches to choose from.

We took off a few weeks for the holidays

Leonard's "CAM WORLD"

CAM WORLD is a collection of over 100 links to camcorders worldwide, from Antarctica to New Zealand. Without leaving your computer, you can monitor on-line pictures from thousands of miles away. This is a great resource for armchair travelers.


Travlang's Foreign Languages for Travelers helps you learn key phrases before you take a trip. Select your native language, click on the country of your choice, and you will be presented with the following menu options: Basic Words, Numbers, Shopping/Dining, Travel, Directions, and Time and Dates. A choice of common words will be shown in both languages, and you can hear pronunciation if you have the appropriate sound board.


While this service hopes to steer you to their recommended travel agencies, you can obtain free real-time reservation information through their system for major airlines. Type in your itinerary, choose your airlines and voila, fares appear instantly.


Want to know how far it is from Kalamazoo, FL to Kalamazoo, MI? So maybe you don't, but you may want to know the distance between two cities for your next road trip or how many miles you'll get from your next flight. This service uses the University of Michigan Geographic Name Server to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculates the distance between them (as the crow flies). It also provides a map showing the two places, using the Xerox PARC Map Server and gives you population, elevation and zip codes. That's pretty cool.


Web Weather offers U.S. weather forecasts using formatted weather data from the University of Michigan Weather Underground. Just click on your chosen city and state and the weather information quickly appears - very cool place to check out what you'll need to pack.


City.Net describes their service as "the most comprehensive international guide to communities around the world. City.Net is updated every day to provide easy and timely access to information on travel, entertainment, and local business, plus government and community services for all regions of the world." This is a great resource for in-depth information about travel destinations.

THE TRAVELLERS DIARY (no longer in service)

This cool site tracks international events taking place in Western Europe throughout the year (updated weekly). If you plan to travel to Europe, and want to know what's going on when you get there, this is the right place to look. Choose the country, month, and category (music, sports, festival etc.) and you are instantly provided with a calender of events.


The goal of this service is to help you to find the best route from one metro station to another, in various cities of the world. We tried some New York Subway routes and the directions were accurate and clear. It is a simple concept, it works and it is definitely a cool travel resource.


HotWired overall is a cool site. Check out the Rough Guide for US travel info and the Travel Kit for some gadgets that might come in handy for all adventurers.


We added this site to our home page a few months ago. It is a great reference for adventurers looking to jack in to the Internet when traveling worldwide.

The International Home Exchange Network

This site has many different possibilities for travelers and homeowners. It's great resource for people that are open to a time sharing type of concept. According to the home page, they provide "world-wide, on line, up to date listings of Home and Hospitality Exchange opportunities. Exchanging can provide you with RENT FREE accommodations on your next vacation."

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